MultiChef | Fast Bake Oven

A Little Fast Bake Oven That Delivers Big Results

Small Footprint with BIG Results.

We are proud to announce two NEW ventless high-speed ovens to the MultiChef™ family! Much different from its forerunners, the MultiChef now offers a sleek all black design with an innovative touchscreen controller.

The new MultiChef high-speed ovens are still as fast and economical, cutting cook times by more than 80%. Each oven is equipped with convection, rapid impinged air, precision microwave, and constructed of high-quality stainless steel with a unique removable catalytic converter. Unlike traditional ovens, the MultiChef line is easy to operate and built to last.

The New MultiChef XLT and MultiChef XS are ideal for businesses like breweries, food trucks, bars, quick-serve, and full-service dining establishments. Our high-speed ovens are powerful, highly versatile, and most importantly, no hoods or vents are required.

MultiChef XS
MultiChef™ XS

The MultiChef™ XS is a compact high-speed ventless oven, equipped with a combination of heated high-speed forced air convection and microwave power to heat food faster than the conventional methods. These unique combinations make it simple to cook, toast, melt, and bake items without forfeiting time or flavor. The compact design and versatility of the MultiChef XS, makes it the perfect fit for businesses with limited space, looking to add a foodservice program.

MultiChef™ XLT

The MultiChef™ XLT is our largest ventless model, equipped with a combination of heated high-speed forced air convection and microwave energy. These rare combinations make it simple to cook, transforming your business into a food preparation powerhouse. This robust design is the perfect way to create a kitchen without costly renovations.