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Receive up to $375 in cash back rebates from Highliner Foods, Inc.

Product Categories

Apply your Highliner Foods rebate coupons to purchases of the following products.

Brewer’s Choice®
Natural cut Icelandic® fillets coated with our exclusive beer batter recipe made with imported Bass® Ale from England.

Piccadilly Pub Style Battered Fish Fillets
Natural cut fillets made from wild, moist, flaky white fish and coated with a delicious lightly golden, crispy batter.

Gourmet Macadamia Nut & Coconut™ Shrimp
Jumbo butterfly shrimp are hand breaded with a flavorful and crunchy bread crumb. The bread crumbs are blended with a tropical touch of elegant and creamy tasting macadamia nuts and sweet flaky coconut.

Maryland-Style Crab Cakes
Are made in Maryland, with an authentic recipe to deliver superb taste. Have a made-from-scratch appearance, yet deliver exacting consistency in shape and weight.

How to Cash In

  1. Purchase or lease an Autofry, the only fully-enclosed automated, deep-frying system on the market today or theMultiChef, the ultimate all-in-one cooking system that cuts cooking time up to 80%.
  2. Get $125 in cash back rebate coupons from Icelandic® USA for any one of Icelandic’s 4 best selling products (see right) up to 3 productsfor a total of $375 (3 x $125) cash back.
  3. Order Icelandic® quality products described to the rightfrom your local food service distributor.
  4. Send copies of qualifying distributor invoices with rebate coupons to Icelandic® USA, and get your rebate check.

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