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Receive up to $500 in cash back rebates from Brakebush Brothers, Inc.

Product Categories

Apply your Brakebush rebate coupons to purchases of the following Brakebush products:


Includes all Brakebush fully cooked Nuggets, Chik’N O’s and Breaded Patties.

Chicken Dinner™

All Brakebush 3 and 4-piece chicken Portion dinners are included.


Available in all Brakebush fully cooked Wing Portions in all styles of batters/breading.


Includes all Brakebush Tenderloins, Breast Fillets, Popcorn chicken, and SmartShapes fully cooked breast strips and fillets.

How to Cash In

  1. Purchase or lease an Autofry, the only fully-enclosed automated, deep-frying system on the market today or the MultiChef, the ultimate all-in-one cooking system that cuts cooking time up to 80%..
  2. Get $500 in cash back rebate coupons from Brakebush Brothers, Inc.
  3. Order Brakebush Chicken Products described to the rightfrom your local foodservice distributor.
  4. Send copies of qualifying distributor invoices with rebate coupons to Brakebush Brothers, Inc., and get your rebate check.

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