MultiChef | Fast Bake Oven

Small Space – Big Profits!

Here at MTI, we are always looking for customer feedback, and that is why we are proud to announce 2 NEW high-speed ovens to our ventless family! Much different from its forerunners, our unique touchscreens and compact sizes are the perfect add-ons for any business looking to start a foodservice program.

The new and enhanced MultiChef XLT is our largest model, ideal for businesses like cinemas and arenas looking to create a menu fit for the masses. This oven is constructed of high-quality stainless steel equipped with a unique removable catalytic converter, making it easy to clean and operate.

The sleek and compact MultiChef XS is our newest and smallest oven. Perfect for the everyday café or brewery looking to branch out into the foodservice world. This unique design is user-friendly and built to last.

The MultiChef technology is proficient in cooking a variety of menu items. Both quick-serve and full-service dining establishments appreciate the small footprint of these powerful and highly versatile high-speed ovens. Best of all, no hoods or venting required! You can now serve up an entire menu without expensive renovations, allowing you to transform your bottom line – not your business model.

Versatile — MultiChef ovens are economical, portable, and easy to install because it requires no ventilation and no exhaust hood systems, making it the perfect fit for any space and business.

Enhanced Technology — A unique combination of convection, rapid impinged air, and microwave technology allows high-speed cooking without sacrificing food quality. The modern touchscreen design makes it easy to create and organize recipes with just the push of a button.

Compact Design — MultiChef offers an easy to install compact design for all types of businesses, such as convenience stores, breweries, food trucks, and concession stands.

Touchscreen Feature:
The unique software can display and function in multiple language, holds up to 1024 recipes, and categorizes recipes with imagery making it easy to manage in the kitchen. The intuitive technology makes it easy for everyone to work efficiently. The specialized applications and easy to clean screen are features that set MultiChef apart from the rest.