MultiChef | Fast Bake Oven

MultiChef ®

A Little Fast Bake Oven That Delivers Big Results

The MultiChef is a high speed / rapid cook oven, cutting your cooking time by up-to 75%, all without the use of microwaves. Equipped with four separate timers and four standard cooking racks, you can cook a variety of foods simultaneously. The sealed cooking chamber allows MultiChef to operate without a hood and venting system. A unique combination of convection, direct infrared and Rotary Air Impingement® means you can cook, toast, melt, bake and reheat items without sacrificing food quality. Both quick-serve and full-service dining establishments appreciate the small footprint of this powerful and highly versatile ventless oven.

MTI now offers the MultiChef in two convenient countertop sizes capable of serving a wide range of cooking demands; from small independent taverns to large stadiums, to worldwide multi-unit chains, we handle it all. Best of all, no hoods or venting means you can serve up an entire menu without the need of expensive renovations to your kitchen or food prep area, allowing you to transform your bottom line – not your business model.

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